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We are building our big pond


Well, in the beginning we were facing only a huge pile of excavated soil which our son Christoph enjoyed to play on.  


We were unable to remove the soil once our house was cvompleted as we had no meands of getting behind the house with a truck or bulldozer - so without furthe rado we build the pond into the pile of excavated material (...saved us efforts on digging a big hole..)  


The remaining soil was used to form our litlle brook which flows into our big pond. 

The pond "shell"

Slowly but steadily all fits together and our pond is filled up with water. The drainage was completed and our pond is even levelled, or in other words the water stay in th epond - undoubtedly a massive advantage for our gold fish. - This is how it has to be, we like it!


We can hardly believe that this sterile looking plot will soon be transforming into a habitat witch will house frogs, dragonflies, attracts birds for baths and lots of other animals. 


First water poured into our pond
  • Pond is filled up with water
  • Pond is filled up with water
First Plants move in

"Göttersch Egon" (our Neighbour) has helped out once again with his tractor and jumped in to get the first plants transported out from a swampland area near our town to our place 


We loaded a full trailer with cattails, reed and Froschlöffel (nice plant but I do not know the english name) in the swampland area and tranbsported it back home


Christoph has guarded our transport by sitting right in the trailer 


Planting done - all it has to do now is grow!!


We are proud on what we have achieved - it has been a long way but it certainly was worth the efforts!

Our big pond
How time converts something new into an habitate.
Our big pond

A nice picture of our big pond. 


The little brook is on the right of our picture pretty good visible. Each individual site has been identified on a slide and has been carried home and build integrated into our little brook. 


Well, if you create things you will make mistakes - one of my design mistakes actually caused me to re-build the brook 3 times in ten years!  


One reason for the re-building activities has been bishop's weed (Aegopodium podagraria) a very annoying weed wich had unfortunately become very common around our little brook.  


We have gotten rid of the bishop's weed by digging all roots out and inserted a layer of pond plastic foil and on top of this we shoveld the soil and modelled the little brook. Well, this worked out awesome and since then we have banned the bishop's weed from our little brook.