SWR Garden Contest

I was attracted in May 2004 by the follwoing advertisment in our local newspaper Rheinzeitung . The German Television station SWR3 was hosting a garden contest "Rat und Tat" and was looking for the most beautiful garden of all in Rhineland-Palatinate (one of the german states).


As I had thought that our garden had developped pretty nice I dropped them an email and send in a short appllication for the contest.  


COntest advertisment
SWR Gartenzauber 2004

We checked up on the homepage of the TV Stations what this was all about and which categories were setup.


Rainer send in our application and a couple of pictures of the previous year per email to the TV station.


For a long time nothing happened - no reply at all - and we had almost forgot about it....


Pre-Selection of Gardens
Garden contest poster

Iris received 2 weeks after my initial application email a telephone call from the TV station and the lady informed us that our garden had passed the pre-selection process and had been rated among the top 5 gardens in the category "small garden"

She further informed Iris that a TV crew would like to film our garden and do an interview with us - well this is when we got really exited at the Lemmer home!!


A couple of days later the film crew and 4 gardening experts for ponds, plants and plant diseases, an editor and a camera man and an assistant moved in who checked up our garden and asked lots of questions.  


To really top things the editor wanted an interview with Iris and myself - and unfortunately - this took place right in the full sun (and honestly I got really to sweat in the sun..)


I have talked for a long time (in the end it turned out that I had probably talked too much, too long) as Iris's interview was the one that was shown on TV despite the fact that my "gardening expertise filled interview" impressed them all - maybe it was just a time of available time on air - as from an expert level one could not compalin about the content of the interview - I would say...)  


Well, my parents in law took care of the catering for the film crew and treated them with coffee an "would you like to have a nicve ice cold beer) - and of course this was very well received! .

The editor told us he would give us a call and let us know how we were doing - before the film crew visited us we were running on 2nd place - of course we very very anxious for the call.


We got a call a couple of days later and the editor was on the phone but did not wanted to tell us how we were doing instead he suggested we should come and visit the show on the 18.08.2004 on the "Landesgartenschau in TRier" to be part of the show. Well, we had enough excitement about the visit of the tv crew and I could not really accomodate this with my schedules so we declined and waited until the show was transmitted live on TV. 

The day of the show came closer and the complete family was really excited and had assembled in front of the TV - and it really got exciting - our main competitor for the first price had even a nature swimming pool were he actually swam in to impress the jury! BUT this did not help at all es WE WON it!!!! We were all happy and our phone did not stop to ring and we were really surprised how many people around the neighbourhood called and congratulated us and were surprised that we had such a beautiful garden and wanted to come along a day and visit our garden and see our "award winning garden"  for themselves.


My mothe rin law even thought that our governing mayor "Karl-Heinz" should bring the "Commission for rural improvement" behind our house and have them have a look at our garden - well this we did stop but we are proud and convinced that not too many things went south when we designed, planned and build our garden - or why would so many people find our garden so attractive and beautiful??



and the Winner is...
Thank you letter from SWR3
THE LEMMER FAMILY from Stockum-Püschen in the Westerwald!


hard to believe BUT we made it !!!! We  won the 2st price although competition was really tough and our "direct competitor" had also a very nice garden - but all in all we were able to convince the jury by our gardening expertise, individuality and being verys careing hosts. 

Our price was a voucher from "Laade Gartenreisen" a provider of gardening trips - we selected a trip to the island of Guernsey a "floral higlight" in the english channel that is blessed by the micro climate of the gulf stream and well known for the french cusine.. 

BUT that is a different story with nice pictures which you will find under  "Reisen" . 


Video clips of our garden & the TV contest

Klick on the picture and you will see 2 clips that introduce our garden and the jurys voting for our garden. PLease be patinet as the load time for the videos takes a while.!




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